When looking for a place to store your belongings, Road Warrior Moving has the facilities to provide clean, dry, climate controlled and 24/hour secure storage. You can have the peace of mind whether it be short term storage for a few days to a few weeks or long term storage for a few years that your precious belongings will be in good hands.

We store your belongings in wood storage vaults that are 5’x7’x7.5’ in dimensions that hold about 260 cubic feet of inventory. An average furnished room in your house would fit into one of our storage vaults. Our warrior men pack these storage vaults very tight to maximize your storage to save you money in storage cost. The amount of storage vaults you need will depend on the size of your dwelling or volume of storage.

Road Warrior Moving & Storage

When Road Warrior moves you into our storage facility we carefully wrap your belongings in clean moving pads and/or shrink wrap. We also inventory every item that we touch in order to keep track of your belongings and its condition all thru the process. Both Road Warrior and the customer will have a copy of the inventory. After your vaults are loaded and sealed, we stack them carefully in rows in our warehouse.

  • The cost for one – three 5’x7’x7.5’ Storage Vaults - $72 per month per vault
  • The cost for four – six 5’x7’x7.5’ Storage Vaults - $66 per month per vault
  • The cost for seven – nine 5’x7’x7.5’ Storage Vaults - $60 per month per vault

If you need 10 Storage Vaults or more please call the office for special pricing.

You can also bring your storage into our warehouse yourself if you prefer and load or unload your vaults on your own. If you need help, we can provide you a man at the rate of $85/hour. Any items you bring in on your own will need to be inventoried and checked by one of our warehouse men.

Piano Storage

Road Warrior Moving offers climate controlled Storage for all Pianos and specialized items. This is a dedicated room in our warehouse where we can control the humidity and temperature all year round.

The cost to store a piano/special Item - $50.00 per month.

Oversized Items

Sometimes certain items of furniture will not fit into our storage vaults due to size. Typically large armoires, cabinets, sofas, and unique oversized items are stored outside of the vaults on racks in our oversized storage area of the warehouse. 

The cost to store an oversized item - $30.00 per item per month.

Records/File Storage

Road Warrior Moving offers storage for all your records and important files. We also offer pick-up and drop-off of files as needed. Please call the office for information and pricing.

Student Storage

Being a student is hard enough without having to worry about your belongings when you go home for the summer or travel abroad. We offer affordable short-term storage for students while they are away for the summer. 

Storage Access

Storage facilities can be accessed Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM with 48-hour notice by phone call or email.

Phone 781-646-2300