Packing Materials

We deliver packing materials to give you a head start on your packing. We will charge you only for the actual materials used. Any unused boxes can be returned to the foreman on the moving date. There is no charge for delivery. Box deliveries are scheduled once a week.

Book Boxes   $1.50
A smaller box is ideal for heavier items such as books and records.

Linen Boxes   $2.50
3.1 cubic feet - A medium size box is ideal for lighter items such as kitchen appliances, pots and pans, clothes, etc.

Large Linen Boxes   $3.50
4.5 cubic feet - A larger box is ideal for even fluffier items such as clothing, pillows, blankets, etc.

China Barrels   $7.00
5.1 cubic feet - A large double re-enforced box for fragile items such as china, crystal, dishes, glasses, etc.

Packing Paper   $22.00
25 lb. Ream - Clean wrapping paper to pack fragile items to keep them protected.

Picture Boxes  
Vary in sizes - Protection for pictures and mirrors.

Bubble Wrap  
Sold by the foot - Protection for pictures, mirrors and other fragile items.

Wardrobe Boxes   Rental $8.00, Purchase $15.00
1.5 linear feet of clothing - Designed to transport hanging clothing in the neatest manner possible.

Bin Boxes   Rental $5.00
A very cost effective and space efficient box for light but cumbersome items such as toys, games, large stuffed animals etc. Great value especially if there are children in the house.

Wooden containers built to specification by our carpenter for extremely fragile or valuable items such as large glass table tops, marble tops, pictures mirrors, etc.

Road Warrior Packing Boxes

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